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that is the initial motivation, but just like the nsa, spying on the german chancellor when she is talking to the president, spying on the president of the united states, this is an example of government in secret knowing no restraint. government monitoring where we go. we see a you pay this tax. why were you there? we will pass that information on . you won't even have privacy in your own car. stuart: slippery slope. >> it is. the use of technology to generate revenue for the government which assaults basic privacy interest. stuart: not that you do not trust the obama administration but any government. >> the present administration is easy to mistrust. who would trust my cousin janet the polish town know who is gone now. i'm only kidding. we are not related. but this is the type of affirmation that government will abuse. it is the nature of government to want more and more in formation. what kind of spies would spy on their own president? monitor wherever anybody goes? the bureaucrats in new jersey monitoring every place that he goes because even his car -- and i'm not picking on him, but
to her cell phone that the nsa was listening to both of them. i don't know what he knew and when he knew it, but i know when he has an obligation to know and if he has an obligation to know something and willfully doesn't know it, then he's not doing his job. for him to say i know that you can keep your health care, i know that you can keep your doctor, period, when he doesn't know it, he has materially misled us without any consequenc consequences. charles: to the point of running upon this, i mean, this is not something i would say in passing once or twice. this was the key focus of the campaign and the democrats continuously say, hey, we're won on obamacare so leave it alone, but you won on a lie. >> charles is correct 100%. how can we not lie to the government, like martha stuart. her lawyer said is my client a target of the investigation. the fbi says no. and the fbi asked her a question, she lies. what's the ultimate outcome? she goes to jail and the fbi agency is on the job. how is it that the president can blatantly lie to us, but if the citizen lies, the citizen goes to jail. st
think on top of, you know, the nsa spying, benghazi, i didn't know about benghazi, i didn't know about and the american people scratch their head and say, mr. president, what do you know about, right? >> follow this through, you could be inclined to say so what? his approval rating is down to 40% and obamacare is indeed a disaster. does that translate into the president's inability to push forth more tax increases or more spending on infrastructure, or more green energy policies? does that hamstring the president on all of these other initiatives that he's going to put forward in the next three years? >> well, he has built -- remember the house is the majority rule in the house is republicans, right? so in order to pass anything in the house, you've got to have some goodwill from the republicans. he doesn't have that. now he's got democrats in the senate that are looking at the failure of obamacare and its rollout and they're even telling the president, gosh, we're losing confidence in you. so i think right now, he can give up on green energy, immigration reform, all thi
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3